Dr. Joanne Wu is an experienced double-boarded physician executive with over 12 years of practicing in employee health, preventative care, nonsurgical spine, integrative pain, and functional personalized medicine in a variety of healthcare settings.┬áDr. Wu also has a strong background in digital health – strategy, innovation, product development and thought leadership with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

She is passionate about clinician and employee wellbeing, mental health, and burnout prevention. She seamlessly combines traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing including complementary medicine, yoga therapy, medical acupuncture, holistic nutrition, approachable fitness, health coaching and mindful stress reduction in patient care and wellness.

Dr. Wu is also a highly respected consultant, educator, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner who has held multiple roles on advisory boards and boards of directors. She’s dedicated to the continuum of mentorship, serving as long-time faculty for a prestigious medical school.

Dr. Wu has over 15 years of inspiring movement for healthful living as a community motivator, builder, and integrator.