The MedFit Training and Education Center is our brick & mortar facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

Fitness Services & Education in Orange Country

The MedFit Training and Education Center is located at 151 Kalmus Drive, Suite K3, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. 

The Center offers fitness services for all ages, skills levels and medical conditions.

Our trainers are uniquely qualified to work with individuals within the medical-fitness continuum. They’ve completed and maintain specialized education to work with individuals with medical conditions, chronic diseases and disabilities. They are also qualified to work with seniors interested in active aging.

The Center also offers facilitated stretching, yoga therapy, FIT3D body scans and BrainTap sessions. 

Educational Workshop and Events for Professionals and the Community

The Center offers educational workshops and events for both fitness professionals and the general public.

Our space is also available to rent for your next educational workshop or event.

Visit the Center website for full details about our facility and services.