About Us

Making Fitness & Wellness Services Accessible to Everyone

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where millions of people with chronic disease, medical conditions & disabilities have access to the same fitness resources as the healthy and fit.

At MedFit Education Foundation, we come to work every day because we want to be sure that the fitness industry is equitable in offering resources to those with the greatest needs.

We know that regular exercise leads to a healthy, happy and productive life, while meeting the challenges faced with aging.

The problem is that, historically, for those with chronic conditions, safe and effective exercise programs are out of reach.

Enter MedFit Education Foundation — the solution to this challenge.

Why the Foundation?

The challenge in the past has been that trainers and allied health professionals couldn’t help change the lives of people with chronic conditions for three major reasons:

  1. Professionals didn’t have the expertise to work with anyone outside of the generally healthy and fit.
  2. The medical community struggled to find credible professionals to refer their patients.
  3. People with the greatest needs had no way to find trainers and allied health professionals with the proper knowledge to work with them.

For far too long, the licensing and certifying of professionals was only focused on working with the healthy population. This is fine for professionals who are starting out, but for professionals with experience and drive to truly impact the world, it is simply not enough.

Our professionals want to reach more than clients who are looking to shed a few pounds or run a 5k. They want to impact the lives of people who are looking to feel more normal, to more easily get up out of a chair, safely exercise while pregnant or even get out of bed without debilitating joint pain.

That’s why the MedFit Education Foundation was created.

The Foundation works to elevate the quality and amount of available education for fitness and allied healthcare professionals. Through our MedFit entities, we are facilitating education and professional development for professionals to serve the nation’s growing healthcare needs.

What We Do

MedFit Classroom
MedFit Classroom is an online learning platform for fitness and allied healthcare professionals to purchase webinars, online courses, specialty certificate programs, and continuing education. For more info, visit medfitclassroom.org.

MedFit Training and Education Center
The MedFit Training and Education Center is our brick & mortar facility in Costa Mesa, CA. The Center offers fitness and wellness services for all ages, skills levels and medical conditions. The Center also offers events and workshops for fitness professionals and the community. For more info, visit medfitcenter.org.

MedFit TV
MedFitTV.org offers a library of all past webinars and conference recordings produced by the Foundation. For more info, visit medfittv.org.

Speakers Bureau
Our Speakers Bureau represents the leading experts in the rapidly growing space of medical fitness, active aging, nutrition, wellness, prevention, rehabilitation and more. Your organization can request to book one of our speakers for your next event. These trailblazers are at the helm of the medical fitness movement to transform health and redefine healthcare. To view available speakers, visit medfited.org/speakers-bureau


The MedFit Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions support existing projects and the creation of new ones. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

To request information about the MedFit Education Foundation nonprofit status, exemption application or annual returns, please contact medfited@gmail.com