JR Burgess found his purpose for helping people be free from pain at a young age. As a healthcare consultant, he regularly shows his commitment through transparently communicating and being vulnerable about how he has overcome a life of physical and emotional pain. He credits Regenerative, Functional, Lifestyle Medicine and receiving mentorship as the key component in his physical, mental and professional transformation.

In his relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, JR has played an integral role in replicating a proven integrated model of care in more than 100 clinics worldwide. Each clinic aiming at redefining healthcare, empowering medical leaders and patients to co-create health and impact the world. He is driven to make the greatest contribution by changing the way healthcare can be delivered by implementing restorative medicine protocols, medical marketing and sales, practice management and medical leadership development.

Medical professionals and patients need and deserve the time to listen, connect and co-create a transformative plan of care together. JR believes healthcare without personal growth, movement and nutrition as the foundation, is not healthcare. He is a husband, father of four, international speaker and two-time #1 bestselling author of:

  • The Medical Fitness Impact Plan: How To Reverse Chronic Disease & Degeneration While Building Your Bottom Line
  • Cash Practice Success: How To See 1/2 The Patients, Increase Income, and Eliminate Insurance While Practicing Medicine That Restores and Regenerates Health