Joshua Slone is an ACSM Exercise Physiologist and serves as the Rehabilitation Department Manager at the Center for Health in Yucca Valley, California, as well as filling the role of Senior Provider for his department. Josh holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. His education and clinical experience presently encompasses sports medicine, therapeutic strength & conditioning for pain and complex disease management, as well as sub-acute orthopedic injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

As department manager, he oversees the competency and continuing education of his rehab team, ensuring his teams stays current on relevant research and clinical practices to help clients & patients better. This includes being aware of “service deficits and/or gaps” in the allied healthcare system and learning how to fill those gaps and bring critically needed care to an ever-increasing at-risk population for injury and disease alike.

Josh is invested into developing up and coming resources for the medical fitness community, including development of a Balance and Fall Prevention Specialist course for MedFit Classroom that will give robust knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage with the fall-risk population and deliver them quality service.